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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity
  3. AD HOC Committee on Housing & Resident Safety
  4. Ad Hoc on Committee Supplier Diversity
  5. Alert Center
  6. Board of Ethics
  7. Board of Fire Commissioners
  8. Board of Police Commissioners
  9. Board of Public Service
  10. Board of Review
  11. Board of Water and Light
  12. Board of Zoning Appeals
  13. Building Board of Appeals
  14. City Council
  15. Committee of the Whole
  16. Committee on Development & Planning
  17. Committee on General Services
  18. Committee on Intergovernmental Relations
  19. Committee on Personnel
  20. Committee on Public Safety
  21. Committee on Public Service
  22. Committee On Ways And Means
  23. Demolition Board/Code Enforcement
  24. Downtown Lansing Inc. (Principal Shopping District)
  25. Economic Development Corp LEDC -Brownfield Redevelopment Authority LBRA- Tax Increment Finance Auth
  26. Elected Officers Compensation Commission
  27. Election Commission
  1. Electrical Board of Appeals
  2. Employees' Retirement System
  3. Historic District Commission
  4. Human Relations and Community Services Advisory Board
  5. Lansing Brownfield Redevelopment Authority LBRA
  6. Lansing Building Authority
  7. Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP)
  8. Lansing Economic Development Corp LEDC
  9. Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority
  10. Lansing Housing Commission
  11. Lansing Park Board
  12. Lansing Tax Increment Finance Authority
  13. Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA)
  14. Mayor's Arts and Culture Commission
  15. Mayor's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council
  16. Mayor's Lansing Veterans Commission
  17. Mayor's Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB)
  18. Mayor's Office
  19. Mechanical Board of Appeals
  20. Medical Marihuana Commission
  21. Memorial Review Board
  22. Michigan Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority
  23. North Grand River Corridor Improvement Authority
  24. Planning Board
  25. Police & Fire Retirement System
  26. Saginaw Street Corridor Improvement Authority
  27. South MLK Jr. Blvd. Corridor Improvement Authority