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  1. Weekly Trash Service Details:

    This service is ideal for most average sized households. You can choose between 32, 65, and 95-Gallon carts. The 32-gallon option holds 2-3 kitchen sized bags, the 65-gallon option holds 4-5 kitchen sized bags, and the 95-gallon option holds 6-8 kitchen sized bags plus an extra 3, 30-gallon bags are accepted on the side of the cart. This cart will be picked up weekly. Carts must be placed out by 7 A.M. on collection day.

  2. Bi-weekly Trash Service Details: (Service Not Yet Available)

    This service is ideal for households that produce very little trash. The 32-gallon cart holds 2-3 kitchen sized bags. This cart will be picked up every other week. All trash must be inside the cart. Please do not overstuff the cart. No additional trash will be picked up. Carts must be placed out by 7 A.M. on collection day on the correct week. Residents who contact the office for a missed pick up in the wrong week will not be serviced until their next eligible service day. No credit will be given for missed services due to resident error.

  3. Residential Recycling Service Details:

    This service is an every other week collection option provided to households in the City of Lansing. Recycling is mandatory, therefore, the service is funded by an annual fee assessed to each single family property.

  4. Commercial Recycling Service Details:

    Commercial recycling service is a weekly collection option available to businesses, non-profits, churches and other non-residential entities. This service is offered for $52/quarter.

  5. Trash Cart Low Income Pricing

    Reduced rates for weekly trash service available for households that meet income qualifications. To confirm eligibility, contact the treasury office at (517) 483-4121.

  6. New Customer Trash Cart Discount

    Residents who choose to sign up for every week trash cart service collection by September 30th, 2019, will receive a $20 discount for the first quarter's bill.

  7. *It may take up to 72 business hours to receive a response. Please call (517) 483-4400 with any questions regarding residential and commercial recycling.

  8. Request a Trash Cart for Weekly Service*

  9. * Bi-weekly service is not yet available. Please check the following box if you would like to receive more information when details become available.

  10. Request More Information About Bi-Weekly Trash Service (Coming Soon)

  11. Call the City of Lansing Public Service Department at (517) 483-4400 or email if you have any questions.

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