What can residents do?

Here are a few ways that residents can get involved:

-Try using the 24 hour pothole hotline: (517) 483-4161.

-Contact your elected officials about supporting increased funding at the state and local levels.

-Make service requests directly to City officials by using Lansing Connect, a mobile and online service request system for the City of Lansing.

Submit a Service Request Online

Download the Lansing Connect Mobile Application 

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1. Lansing's streets seem horrible – so, how bad are they actually?
2. What causes streets to deteriorate?
3. What can be done to extend the life of pavement and prevent streets from deteriorating so quickly?
4. Why are Lansing's streets in such bad condition?
5. What sources the funding for improving Lansing's streets?
6. How large is the annual funding shortfall for streets and what is being done to address it?
7. What can residents do?