About Our Staff

The Lansing Office of the Emergency Management is housed in the Lansing Fire Department. We serve Lansing residents through emergency preparedness, hazard mitigation, disaster response, and disaster recovery.

Chief Michael C. Tobin, PEM

Chief Tobin has been the Emergency Management Chief for the City of Lansing since November of 2014. He has been with the Lansing Fire Department since 1998. As Emergency Management Chief, he works closely with local, state, and federal government agencies along with numerous non-governmental organizations and private businesses.

Captain William Engelter, PEM

Captain William Engelter has been the Emergency Management Captain since July 2016. He has been with the Lansing Fire Department since 2006 starting as a Firefighter.  He oversees the Public Information Officers and focuses on Continuity of Operations Planning for the City.

Ronda Oberlin, CFM, CEM

Ronda Oberlin has been with the Lansing Office of Emergency Management since 1999. She specializes in hazard mitigation and emergency preparedness.