Meet the Team

Meet the Mayor's Office Team.

Chelsea Coffey

Policy and Scheduling Coordinator
(517) 483-4148

​Martha Fujita

Special Assistant
(517) 483-7651

Samantha Harkins

Chief of Staff
(517) 483-4146

Mark Lawrence

Citizen Advocate
(517) 483-4157

Valerie Marchand

Communications Manager
(517) 483-4179

David Maxwell

(517) 483-4542

Leslie McCarrick

Office Manager
(517) 483-4145

Marilyn Plummer

Community Outreach Coordinator
(517) 486-4164

Matthew Schraft

LGBTQ+ Liaison
(517) 486-7680

The Lansing Mayor’s LGBTQ Liaison is responsible for meeting with LGBTQ leaders, groups, and individuals throughout the area, assessing community concerns, and directly conveying analysis and community sentiment to the current mayor. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our LGBTQ Liaison with questions, concerns, or input regarding LGBTQ affairs within the City of Lansing.