Rent Smart Classes

Rent Smart - helping to make renting a great experience for you

Rent Smart is a free four course renter responsibility and education workshop. At the conclusion of the four weekly courses participants receive a certificate of completion and a list of Rent Smart landlords who would consider renting to participants who have completed the program. Classes are offered Tuesday mornings and evenings at St. Luke Lutheran Church. 

St. Luke Lutheran Church

122 S. Pennsylvania Ave.
Lansing, MI 48912

The deadline to register for the October 2019 classes is Friday, October 11th.

Class registration link

Are you:

  • Renting for the first time?
  • Transitioning from home-ownership to renting?
  • Dealing with poor rental or credit history?

Join us and learn how to Rent Smart!

What you will learn:

  • Planning for and meeting monthly expenses
  • Tips for finding and maintaining affordable housing
  • How to complete an application and why landlords screen applicants
  • Strategies for building positive relationships with landlords and neighbors
  • Responsibilities and rights of landlords and tenants

Learn more about what Rent Smart has to offer:

Program Curriculum Overview (PDF)

October 2019 Class Flyer (PDF)

Rent Smart classes require registration to participate.  To register visit:

October 2019 Rent Smart class registration (link)

Or Call or Email: Joe McDonald - 517.483.4019