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The next 30-day window will be open from Tuesday, March 17 until Wednesday, April 15.  The City of Lansing will accept the following application types:  Medical Processors, Grows (both new and existing locations), Transporters & Safety Compliance.  Adult Use Processors, Grows (both new and existing locations), Transporters, Safety Compliance, Adult Use Retail @ existing Medical PC locations, and Medical PCs @ existing Adult Use Retail locations.

Mayor Andy Schor has declared a local State of Emergency in the City of Lansing in response to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. This emergency may cause some delay in the application review process. South Washington Office Complex and City Hall are closed to the public so one should not come to a city facility without prior authorization. 

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“My goal is for this process is to be as fair and efficient as possible in the selection of provisioning centers that protects the public health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the City with the criteria set forth in the Ordinance. In addition, I know that many Lansing residents depend on these products for their well-being and need to move quickly to reduce disruption in access.”

Chris Swope, MMC/MiPMC 
Lansing City Clerk

This new map shows the location, type, name & address of all fully licensed facilities. The map will be updated as conditionally approved facilities complete their licensing processes.  

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Marijuana Operations Application List

Marijuana Updates

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Announced Phase 2 Start Date - May 21, 2019

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Court Order to place on hold LARA’s October 31 deadline  - Nov. 1, 2018

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Resolution 2017-305 Authorize the temporary operation of MM Facilities - May 18, 2018

City of Lansing Medical Marijuana Update - Jan. 29, 2018

Executive Order 2017-02  - Dec. 11, 2017

Lansing City Clerk will start a 30 day window of accepting Medical Marijuana Provisioning Centers Applications on Nov. 16 - Nov. 13, 2017

Medical Marijuana Provisioning Centers Draft Scoring Criteria Available to the Public -Oct. 25, 2017

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