Chief Daryl Green

Chief Daryl Green has been with the Lansing Police Department since 1997 and has worked through the ranks in order to be promoted to Captain in 2012.

Chief Green works tirelessly to manage over 200 sworn police officers and 60 civilian employees in the department. He has been instrumental in identifying strategic and practical issues while developing solutions and policies around public safety.

Chief Green has had experience supervising all major police divisions including Patrol, Investigations, Crime Analysis and Data Management, Staff Services, Administration, Police Finance Office, Undercover Narcotics Unit, Detention Unit, Property and Supply Unit, Special Tactics and Rescue Team (START), Internal Affairs, Dive Team, as well as Volunteer Unit (Victim Advocates and Capital Area Response Effort for Domestic Violence. Additionally, Green has acted as the Incident Commander and Law Enforcement Operations Chief for several major events in Lansing including protests, Silver Bells in the City and others.

Chief Green has served in the United States Navy for over 18 years of which five are active duty with the remainder in the Navy Reserves. Green completed Mediterranean Operations onboard carriers USS America and USS Theodore Roosevelt while in the enlisted ranks. Recently, he was deployed to Navy Central Command Maritime Forces in the Middle East and is credited with military service for Operations Enduring Freedom and Operation Inherent Resolve. Green is currently a Naval Intelligence Lieutenant assigned to Navy Reserve European Command Joint Intelligence Analysis Center 0592 at Selfridge Air Force National Guard Base and is the recipient of multiple military service awards. 

Chief Green earned his Ph.D. from Western Michigan University in Public Administration, with his dissertation exploring police active shooter preparedness in Michigan. He earned his Master’s in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University and his Bachelor’s in Political Science from Temple University. Green and his wife Malinda have three children.