The Lansing Public Service Department is responsible for clearing snow and salting 444 miles of City streets.

Our technical staff, supervisors and equipment operators have worked together to improve every aspect of our snow removal program. Keeping our city's streets and sidewalks clean and safe during the winter is a big job. It can't happen without the cooperation of all of our residents, businesses and agencies.

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View our Snow Plowing status map below:

Salting of Streets
City crews will salt 139 miles of designated city streets (state trunklines and major streets) and continue until snow accumulates up to 2 inches deep.  Remember, salt trucks are tossing rock salt and are often driving slower than the rest of traffic, so please do not tailgate them.

When snow depth exceeds 2 inches on state trunklines and major streets, city crews will start plowing on 139 miles of designated city streets. When snow depth on local streets exceeds 4 inches, crews will start plowing the local streets as soon as the state trunklines and major streets are completed.  Our trucks are driving slower and need plenty of room to push snow to the curb, so please do not "crowd the plow" and use caution when passing a plow truck.

Parked Cars
Parked cars delay our snow plowing efforts. During snow removal operations, please do not park on the street (day or night). City ordinance prohibits parking on city streets between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. daily. Obeying this law helps us plow our streets quicker and more efficiently.

Every snowfall is different and determines the decision as to when to start and stop any activity.  We use information from the National Weather Service in addition to a private weather forecasting service to help us make our decisions.  With that being said, we need your help to keep our streets and sidewalks safe during the winter, as well.  We also need your understanding that we cannot instantly clear streets.  Since our trucks have to travel nearly 2,4000 miles every time we plow the City in poor weather conditions more times than not, clearing the roads takes time.