Mayor's Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB)

Neighborhood Advisory Board Grant Awards April 2016
The Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB) is made up of a group of individuals from each ward that provide support and guidance to neighborhoods and other organizations regarding the possibility of receiving a grant. The NAB member works with any group within their ward to provide guidance from start to finish and make sure all questions are answered; issues are solved; and their end goal is achieved.

The NAB grant is a tool to help groups obtain funding for many types of projects, events, functions that will enhance their area, and bring people together in a positive setting. The creativity is endless in how the funds are spent as long as they follow the simple guidelines within the application. At the end of their project a “Final Report” is due on what the funds were spent on, information on the event, how many attending, and the impact it had on the group. This report is mandatory from each participating group so we can track how the funds are spent and whether the project was beneficial.

The grant cycle begins in the fall which gives each group time to plan their projects and “fine tune” any changes before submitting their application in the spring and checks distribution is in May.

2018 NAB $100 Grant Request

2017 Mayor's Neighborhood Advisory Board Grant Summary