1. Welcome to Lansing

    We're proud to be Michigan's Capital City. Lawmakers from across the state gather here to work beneath the majestic dome of our historic State Capitol Building.

  2. Lansing Neighborhoods

    Lansing Neighborhoods

  3. Mayor's Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB)

    Mayor's Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB)

  4. Mayors' Ramadan Unity Dinner

    Mayors' Ramadan Unity Dinner

  5. Neighborhoods in Bloom

    Neighborhoods in Bloom

  6. Veteran's Commission

    The Veterans Day Commission has been organized to develop our region’s annual Veterans Day tribute event each November.

  7. Mayor's Annual Family Riverwalk

    Mayor's Annual Family Riverwalk

  8. Mayor's Senior Activity Fair

    Mayor's Senior Activity Fair

  9. Welcoming City

    In December 2015, the City of Lansing was declared a Welcoming City for immigrants and refugees from around the world, as a part of the Welcoming Michigan coalition.

  10. Why Live in Lansing?