Lansing Gem


Lansing Gem is a monthly photo contest to help us appreciate beautifully well-kept properties.

Entry Deadline

Contest is on-going. There will be a monthly winner. The deadline to win for a certain month is the last day of that month. 

Nominate a Home

Have you noticed an aesthetically beautiful home or business within your neighborhood that you would like to recognize? Join the City of Lansing in appreciating the well-kept properties throughout the City. Submit photos of your home, your neighbors’ homes or commercial businesses around the City that you believe should be featured as a “Lansing Gem”. Post the photos on our social media pages using the hashtag No. Lansing Gem and the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Board will vote on a monthly winner. The owner of the property will receive a prize and be featured at our LOVE Lansing Celebration. Property’s can only win one time, however if you're not selected you may re-enter a photo each month for a chance to win.

To Enter

  • Submit a current photo of a property (residential or commercial) that you believe is one of Lansing’s Gems.
  • To submit your photo, post it on the City of Lansing’s Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram page using the hashtag #LansingGem.
  • The property shown must be in Lansing and we will need an address with the photo. If you do not feel comfortable commenting the address with your public post, please send us a direct message via social media or an email to including the address along with the photo.
  • 1 winner (property owner) will be selected by the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Board during the week following the deadline for entries.
  • A property can only win one time.
Gift card prize may change monthly. If a public building or institution wins, prizes can be donated to the Love Lansing Celebration.

Entries can also be submitted via email or to Valerie Marchand on the 9th Floor of City Hall at 124 West Michigan, Lansing, MI 48933. Entries that receive at least one vote will be automatically reentered the following month. Your entries may be featured on any of the City of Lansing’s social media outlets, website, and/or future print materials.
Lansing Gem Flyer