About the Mayor

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is the chief executive of Michigan's 5th largest city. Now in his 12th year as mayor, Bernero tackles the challenges of today's economy with a fierce determination to bring common sense reforms to government and to create a favorable business climate for new, job-creating investments. His current term expires in 2017.

Economic Development Opportunities

Under Mayor Bernero's leadership, Lansing has leveraged more than $2 billion dollars in new investment that will retain and create more than 12,500 jobs. Even in the face of serious revenue losses and rising costs, Bernero has erased more than $80 million in city budget deficits by making government more efficient and more accountable.

Mayor Bernero
When the U.S. auto industry was on the brink of collapse, Bernero catapulted onto the national stage as a leading spokesman and champion for Michigan's automotive companies and their workers. In scores of appearances on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and CBS, Bernero warned that the failure of the U.S. auto industry would push our nation's economy - and the lives of countless Michigan families - right over the cliff.

To create a stronger voice for Michigan and our numerous automotive communities, Bernero formed the Mayors Automotive Coalition (now the Manufacturing Alliance of Communities), a national alliance of automotive mayors to press Congress and the White House to support manufacturing and to assist Michigan's recovery from economic disaster.

Bernero and his Manufacturing Alliance of Communities colleagues continue to work directly with the Obama Administration and Congress to bring critical federal aid back to Michigan to help redevelop closed automotive sites and create new jobs for displaced workers.

Mayor Bernero with Bob Trezise in front of the Ottawa Street Power Station


Bernero also serves as chairperson of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Advanced Manufacturing Task Force.

Virg Bernero is a seasoned veteran of Michigan's political scene, having served previously as a county commissioner and as a state representative and senator in the Michigan Legislature. He also served as the executive director of a statewide non-profit association that helps families and children with mental illness. In 2010 he was the Democratic nominee for governor of Michigan.


Bernero is the proud son of a GM retiree and Italian immigrant who lived the American Dream and provided for his family of five by running a grocery business and then taking a job with GM.

Virg and his wife Teri, a Lansing Public Schools administrator, live in Lansing. They have 2 daughters, Kelly and Virginia.