Flood Smart Lansing

There are three rivers that can cause flooding in Lansing: the Grand River, the Red Cedar River, and Sycamore Creek. Riverine flooding can also happen on the Reynolds Drain in North Lansing, and Pawlowski Creek (also called the Mud Lake Drain) in South Lansing.

Here are a few quick facts about flooding in the Lansing area:
  • 9% of the city is in the floodplain, including 2100 homes and more than 200 businesses. But heavy rains and melting snow can cause flooding anywhere in the city.
  • Only 1 in 4 people in the floodplain have flood insurance. The next major flood is expected to cause more than $270 million dollars in uninsured damages.
  • Floods are like snowstorms. There will always be another one, it is just a question of when it will happen and how bad it will be.
For more information on your flood risk, call the Emergency Management Office at 517-483-4110.

Learn More

  1. About the Floodplain

    A floodplain is the area that is affected when rivers and streams overflow their banks.

  2. Flood Insurance

    Learn more about the benefits of flood insurance, as well as some important changes to flood insurance policy.

  3. Flood Maps

    Download the 100 Year Floodplain Map, and find official FEMA flood maps online.

  4. Flood Mitigation

    Mitigation means lessening the impact of something. The City has a flood mitigation plan that outlines things that we can do to minimize flood damage.

  5. Flood Safety

    Learn how to stay safe when flooding occurs.

  6. Flood Watch & Warning Notifications

    The National Weather Service issues a "flood watch" when conditions are right for flooding, and a "flood warning" when they know that a flood is going to happen.

  7. Floodplain Permit Requirements

    The City of Lansing is NFIP compliant. That means that construction and other development in the floodplain has to be done in such a way that it won't make flooding worse. All new buildings in the floodplain must meet NFIP standards.

  8. Green Floodplains

    Floodplains are more than just hazardous locations for human development. When floodplains are healthy and green they can improve the environment and our quality of life.

  9. Protecting Your Property

    There are things that you can do to protect your home from flood damage, which differ in effectiveness and price.

  10. Types of Flooding

    There are two kinds of flooding that happen in Lansing: Riverine Flooding and Stormwater Flooding.