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Attention Employers! Did you know?

Employee productivity is linked to Financial Health!

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Help spread the word to your employees about Lansing's free financial services by hosting a 30-minute informational Employee Empowerment Corps (EEC) session at your place of business or organization.

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What Is the Employee Empowerment Corps or Eec?

The Employee Employee Empowerment Corps (EEC) is a tri-agency coalition designed to offer local Employers the opportunity to provide free, on-site financial services to employees. Research shows employees experiencing financial stress are more likely to:
  • Be tardy
  • Suffer from health problems
  • Be absent
  • Quit
We can help! Proven strategies will help employees:
  • Increase income
  • Build financial security
  • Become financially stable
These strategies not only help your employees become more financial fit but they also help your organization increase its bottom line and build stronger, healthier employees for a stronger work force. We'll tailor each session to meet the needs of your company or organization with topics such as:

Financial Counseling: Improving credit, boosting savings and reducing debt Income tax preparation Getting banked How to apply for affordable rental communities Understanding the home buying process with home buyer classes and housing counseling Getting a down-payment assistance or mortgage ready assessment Free foreclosure prevention or intervention assistance

Why Work With the Employee Empowerment Corps (EEC)?

If you're an employer, working with the EEC can enable your employees to maintain stability, obtain upward mobility and ultimately become more productive employees. Studies have shown that healthier finances lead to more productive employees. Financially healthy employees can save employers up to $2,000 a year through increased productivity and reduced health care costs" (Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation). Learn more about how financial literacy can increase productivity in the workplace.

The Employee Empowerment Corps (EEC) Is Made Up of Three Highly Effective Nonprofits:

The Center for Financial Health assists renters, homebuyers, homeowners and seniors with housing needs by providing individual housing counseling and financial capabilities training. The Lansing Financial Empowerment Center offers free individual financial counseling to Lansing area residents helping build credit, grow assets, reduce debt and gain access to affordable banking products. The Asset Independence Coalition provides free tax prep through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program and the My Free Taxes program.

Ready to Get Started?

We want to make this as easy and quick as possible for you! Complete the interest form to get started, or you can contact:
Amber Paxton
Director of Financial Empowerment Center
Phone: 517-483-4530