Connect 4 Kids

Connect 4 Kids is an event for children (K-12) to go back to school feeling good! The event will be held at the Lansing Center, located at:
333 E Michigan Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933

Services Offered

  • Physicals and Immunization
  • Mobile Dental Center
  • Hair Cuts
  • Eye Exams
  • Clothing / Shoes Vouchers
  • Personal Needs
  • School Enrollment and Transportation
  • Prizes
  • Activities and Games- Art Reach Truck
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Parks and Recreation

Identification is required such as State of MI ID or Driver’s License, Student School ID or last year’s Report Card, Medicaid or Bridge Card. Children must be present with an adult.

For more information, please email the City of Lansing Human Relations and Community Services Department or call them at 517-483-4569.

To make a donation, please mail a check to our office at:
124 W Michigan Avenue
4th Floor City Hall
Lansing, MI 48933