Specialized Units

  1. Neighborhood Watch

    A Neighborhood Watch is an organized effort by concerned citizens to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood.

  2. Community Policing

    Our efforts in community policing have reduced crime and spurred neighborhood and business cooperation.

  3. Community Services

    The Community Services Unit provides support and resources to residents of Lansing.

  4. Crime Scene Investigation

    Crime Scene Investigation requires the application of diligent and careful methods by which investigators recognize, identify, preserve and collect evidence.

  5. START Team

    The 1973 Crime Control Act enabled federal funding for police tactical units. The Lansing Police Department applied for and received such a grant, allowing the LPD tactical team to be formed.

  6. Dive Team

    The Capital Area Dive Team (CADT) responds to all rescue and recovery open water incidents in Lansing, Ingham and Eaton County which involve people and objects.

  7. K-9 Unit

    The Lansing Police Department Canine Unit was formed in 1985 with 3 teams. Today we have 10 working teams and is one of the largest Canine Unit Programs in the State of Michigan.

  8. Honor Guard

    The Lansing Police Honor Guard is comprised of volunteer officers who have committed themselves to the time and training required for the specialized duties.

  9. Internal Affairs

    The Office of Internal Affairs (OIA) was established under the direction of Mike Yankowski, Chief of Police.

  10. Motorcycle / Special Events

    The Motorcycle Unit is responsible for promoting traffic safety and coordinating special events such as parades, runs, marches and protests, occurring in the City of Lansing.

  11. Special Operations

    The Special Operations Section is responsible for many tasks that require undercover operations in order to enforce various state and local laws.

  12. Tri-County Metro Narcotics

    The Tri-County Metro Narcotics Squad (METRO) is a multi-jurisdictional drug task force operating in Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties.