Ottawa Power Station

The City of Lansing announced that the former Ottawa Power Station would be rehabilitated into Accident Fund Insurance Company’s new world headquarters. Plans include changing the entire area around the building, with the building and adjacent property becoming a campus-like facility. The plans include:
  • Assess and clean up soils
  • Constructing a 120,000 square feet Class-A office building next to the Ottawa Station
  • Constructing a 20 feet wide public park along the river between Ottawa and Shiawassee
  • Demolish a portion of the North Grand Parking ramp over Grand Avenue
  • Dismantle the smoke stack
  • Make improvements to the riverfront
  • Mitigate lead and asbestos
  • Relocate the chilled water production system from the Ottawa Power Station and relocating them to an alternate site.
  • Renovating the Ottawa Station into 160,000 square feet of Class-A office space


10 floors/172 feet (original building)

Size (Square Feet)

280,000 (160,000 rehab/120,000 new)



Parking Spaces



$186 million


Late 2008 start, early 2011 finish.


  • Assessment and Clean-Up Grants
  • Brownfield Michigan Business Tax Credits
  • Clean Michigan Waterfront Grant
  • Lansing Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Michigan Economic Growth Authority Tax Credits
  • Tax Free Renaissance Zone
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency