1. Ball Park North

    Ball Park North

    Ball Park North, along with Market Place, is part of a duo of projects proposed by local developer Pat Gillespie. The Ball Park North project is envisioned for construction in the area directly north of Oldsmobile Park, home of Lansing's professional minor league baseball team.

  2. Capitol Club Tower

    Capitol Club Tower

    Slated for construction on the site of the former Lansing City Club on South Grand Avenue in downtown Lansing, the Capital Club Tower is envisioned as a 12 to 20 story luxury condominium development that includes commercial space and a health club. Capital Club Tower is the first proposed residential high rise in Lansing since Lansing Towers were built in the 1960s and the first condominium tower in the area.

  3. Hollister Building

    Hollister Building

    The Hollister Building was originally built in 1896, with an addition in 1901. The Boji Group purchased the structure and are in the process of completely rehabilitating the building. The plans include turning the building into a mixed use structure with 30 loft apartments on the fifth and sixth floors, 55,000 square feet of office on floors two through four and 15,000 square feet of ground floor retail. Restoration of the building's historic facade was recently completed.

  4. Kalamazoo Gateway

    Kalamazoo Gateway

    The Kalamazoo Gateway is a mixed-use, "green" project proposed by Lansing developer Gene Townsend on the north side of Kalamazoo Street between Cedar and Larch in downtown Lansing. The building would be constructed on the site of the current city parking lot at that location, which would be moved to the north to retain the same number of parking spaces. The Kalamazoo Gateway is designed as a 60,000 square foot structure with 33 apartments and 10 condos. The building is also slated to be LEED certified for being energy efficient and eco-friendly. As part of the project a new entrance to Lansing's River Trail would be constructed across Larch St from the property.

  5. Market Place

    Market Place

    Market Place, along with Ball Park North, is part of a duo of projects proposed by local developer Pat Gillespie that are designed to create a new urban village along the eastern bank of the Grand River in downtown Lansing. Market Place is proposed to be constructed on the current site of the historic Lansing City Market just north of the Lansing Center. The Market Place develop will include ground floor retail and upstairs residential, as well as a new indoor/outdoor farmer's market.

  6. Ottawa & Butler

    Ottawa & Butler

    Gene Townsend proposes this development for a block of formerly state-owned land bounded by Ottawa, Ionia, Butler and Sycamore Streets in downtown Lansing. The proposed development includes significant new construction, including condos, row houses, and a mixed use structure. The current plan calls for 28 row houses, 24 condos, 1 new single family structure, and a number of lofts above the retail space planned for the corner of Ottawa & Sycamore.

  7. Ottawa Power Station

    Ottawa Power Station

    The historic Ottawa Street Power Station on Lansing's downtown riverfront soon will be rehabilitated into the Accident Fund Insurance Company of America's new national headquarters. Plans include rehabilitation of the power plant, construction of an adjacent office building and parking ramp, and transforming the surrounding area into a park-like corporate campus.

  8. Stadium District

    Stadium District

    The Stadium District is a four-story mixed use development currently being built by developer Patrick Gillespie on Michigan Avenue directly south of Oldsmobile Park. The building is slated to be completed by spring of 2008. The building occupies the entire south side of the 500 block of East Michigan Avenue. The building includes ground floor retail, the second floor is half office, half apartments, the third floor is apartments, and the fourth floor is "for sale" condos with a rooftop patio. Leases have already been signed for much of the retail/office space in this project, including the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce.