Form-Based Code (FBC)

The Design Lansing vision is for Lansing to become the premier Midwest city - a city of which Michigan residents are very proud, that is globally recognized and sought out by entrepreneurs, new residents and travelers.

About Form-Based Code

A form-based code (FBC) is a zoning approach that focuses less on a building's use, and more on its form and appearance. Unlike traditional zoning, it addresses the relationship between buildings and the street, the form and mass of buildings in relationship to one another, the pattern of blocks and streets and the location and type of public spaces. The FBC project is a multi-year effort to incorporate place-making into the zoning ordinance. Phase I concentrates on institutional buildings and neighborhood commercial districts, while Phase II will address residential and commercial corridors.

The Form-Based Code project was strongly recommended in the Comprehensive Plan as the most effective way to achieve the urban form envisioned by the Lansing citizens. As envisioned, the FBC will include standards for such factors as "walkability", transit orientation, bicycle "friendliness"