The City of Lansing Development Office offers the following programs:
  1. Down Payment Assistance

    The City of Lansing can help you purchase a home through its Down Payment Assistance Program (DPA).

  2. Hardest Hit Blight Elimination Program

    The City of Lansing, in partnership with the Ingham County Land Bank, received 6 million dollars in funding through MSHDA and the U.S. Treasury Department to demolish approximately 240 blighted residential properties within 5 local project areas in the City of Lansing.

  3. Homeowner Rehabilitation Program

    The City of Lansing's Development Office uses funding made available by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide a combination of grants and 0% interest loans for City residents to improve their homes through housing rehabilitation and/or repair of life threatening emergencies.

  4. Housing Repair Emergencies

    An example of a home repair emergency would be a condition that requires immediate repair such as a furnace that has been red tagged unsafe by the City or by Consumer's Energy.

  5. Lead Safe Lansing

    If you are interested in lead-based paint remediation, The Michigan Department of Community Health offers assistance in finding and removing lead-based paint hazards for low-income families in certain target areas.

  6. Program Income Limits

    View the table of income limits that determine eligibility for housing assistance programs.