Election Training Resources

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How to use the AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal

The following videos created by Secretary of State demonstrate how to use the AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal.

Windows Media Files - AutoMark Video Instructions

  • Part One (WMV) - Introduction and Description - 1:57 minutes
  • Part Two (WMV) - Receiving Your Ballot and Ballot Navigation - 2:26 minutes
  • Part Three (WMV) - Button Use, Making Selections and Write-in Candidates - 2:23 minutes
  • Part Four (WMV) - Changing Voting Choices and Your Voting Summary - 1:37 minutes
  • Part Five (WMV) - Marking Your Ballot and Ballot Tabulation - 1:46 minutes

Election Guests - Challengers, Poll Watchers, and More