Election Training Resources

For those who would like some additional reference material to review, please visit these sites:

How to use the AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal

Election Challengers and Poll Watchers Guide (PDF)

The following videos created by Secretary of State demonstrate how to use the AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal.

Windows Media Files - AutoMark Video Instructions

  • Part One (WMV) - Introduction and Description - 1:57 minutes
  • Part Two (WMV) - Receiving Your Ballot and Ballot Navigation - 2:26 minutes
  • Part Three (WMV) - Button Use, Making Selections and Write-in Candidates - 2:23 minutes
  • Part Four (WMV) - Changing Voting Choices and Your Voting Summary - 1:37 minutes
  • Part Five (WMV) - Marking Your Ballot and Ballot Tabulation - 1:46 minutes

Election Guests - Challengers, Poll Watchers, and More