Landlord / Tenant Cases

Landlord/Tenant cases handle disputes between property owners and renters over the terms of rental agreements. Types of disputes include:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Remaining after lease expires
  • Health hazard or injury to premises
  • Land contract forfeitures and disputes

Serving a Tenant

Before coming to court, you must serve the tenant with a demand for possession or notice to quit. Commonly used forms include:
Instructions for serving the defendant are included with the form.

Filing an Action with the Court

To file an action with the court, you will need the following documents:

Document Copies Required

Number of copies needed to file landlord/tenant case:

One Tenant

  • Summons (5-part form)
  • Complaint (4-part form)
  • Original Notice to Quit + 3 copies
  • 3 copies of lease or written agreement
  • 1 stamped envelope addressed to tenant

Two Tenants

  • Summons form + 2 additional copies of 2nd page
  • Complaint form + additional copies of the front page
  • Original Notice to Quit + 5 copies
  • 5 copies of lease or written agreement
  • 2 stamped envelopes, one addressed to tenant #1, the other to tenant #2
For each additional tenant, add two copies of everything + 1 envelope.

Additional forms for use in Landlord/Tenant cases are available here.