Snow Complaints

Sidewalk Complaints
The City is responsible for clearing over 300 sites of sidewalks adjacent to City Owned Property within 24 hours of a snow event. Citizens have 24 hours after snow stops falling to clear their sidewalks. If it has stopped snowing and you have a complaint, please call the City of Lansing Public Service Department at 517-483-4455.
Street Complaints
Public Service Department snow removal crews follow a priority for snow removal. The state highways and arterials, such as Cedar Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Saginaw Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Aurelius Road are given first priority; major streets such as Washington Avenue and Pleasant Grove are given second priority. Local streets are third priority and plowed if four inches or more of snow has accumulated. Generally, it takes City crews a day or two to clear snow off the arterial and major streets after which the locals are plowed. If you have concerns or emergency needs for snow removal, please call the Public Service Department at 517-483-4455 or 517-483-4161.