Getting Started:  Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste Services

Residential trash pickup:

  • If you choose to use city trash bags, there is no need to sign up, simply purchase bags at this list of retail partners that accept trash and recycling. Set bags out by 7AM on your collection day. You can find your collection date by clicking the Collection Day Schedule & Reminder page.
  • To sign up for a blue trash cart, please call the CART hotline 517-483-4400. A staff person will assist you in setting up an account, M-F, from 8AM - 4PM. More information can be found on the Trash Carts page.
Residential Recycling and Yard waste pickup:

  • There is no need to sign up if you are a single family household. Simply place the recycling cart and yard waste at the curb on your normal collection day.  
  • If you need a recycling cart, call 517-483-4400 or email
  • Recycling guidelines can be found on the Recycling Services page.
  • For a Collection Day Schedule & Reminder, go to the corresponding page.
  • Yard waste preparation guidelines can be found on the Yard Waste Services page.
Commercial Recycling service:

  • Please call 517-483-4400 to set up account. A staff person is available to assist you M-F, from 8AM - 4PM. More information can be found on the Commercial Recycling page 
Contact CART at 517-483-4400 or email for more information.
Recycling collection