How to Use Lansing Connect

Lansing Connect is a free, simple and intuitive online and smart phone application that enables the residents of City of Lansing to identify quality of life and environmental issues and report them to the appropriate department for quick resolution. Powered by CitySourced technology, the application uses your smart phone’s global positioning system to automatically provide the issue's location, simplifying the reporting process for both you and city staff. Once you have submitted an issue, you track resolution efforts within Lansing Connect or via the web. Lansing Connect is free to download and use.

Basic Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Launch the app on your mobile phone


Step 4: Click the “use / attach / escape” button depending on your phone


Step 2: Click "report an issue" on the home screen


Step 5: Select an issue category


Step 3: Snap a picture, video or sound clip


Step 6: Fill out the details


Step 7: Click "Submit"