Shared Fire Chief

In 2012, Randy Talifarro agreed to serve jointly as fire chief for both the City of East Lansing's and the City of Lansing's fire departments.  This experiment in regionalism proved successful, and Chief Talifarro has continued his dual-capacity leadership ever since.
Randy Talifarro
For over a decade, several Metro Lansing communities (Lansing, East Lansing, Meridian Township, Lansing Township, Delta Township and Delhi Township) have explored the potential benefits of different levels of collaboration among their respective fire departments.  To this end, a shared public services study was commissioned in 2012, suggesting a phased approach to regionalization.  The study helped facilitate three new shared services agreements, signed in 2013.  The long-term goal is to establish a full regional fire authority to help reduce overlapping services, save money and enhance delivery of fire services for Metro Lansing residents.