Welcoming City

In the wake of President Trump's recent executive order, Lansing continues to stand strong as a Welcoming City for immigrants and refugees from around the world, as a part of the Welcoming Michigan coalition. In December of 2015, Mayor Bernero and other Lansing elected officials signed the coalition’s “Stand Strong, Respect Michigan” pledge and committed to a series of action steps that will ensure Michigan’s capital city is a welcoming city for immigrants and refugees. Lansing is one of ten other communities around the state as participants in the Welcoming Michigan coalition.
Mayor Virg Bernero Signs Welcoming City Agreement
“Lansing was built by immigrants who came to this country seeking their own version of the American Dream,” said Mayor Bernero.
Lansing police officers do not ask the immigration status of the citizens they encounter or arrest in the course of performing their duties. LPD will continue to work in good faith with our federal law enforcement partners to apprehend criminals, especially violent felons, regardless of their immigration status, but we will not be a part of any effort to sweep Lansing for undocumented individuals or families.
For more information regarding Michigan's Welcoming Cities, please visit the Welcoming Michigan website.